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The Latest 311 Squadron News.

Guest Information

For more information, visit the AAFC website at, and follow the links. Visit our Facebook page at or email your questions to

Contact Us
Call 0408 110 416 between the hours of 1830 & 2100 hours on any Thursday night of a school week

Leave Procedures
Leave can be submitted via Email. All leave is to be handed in prior to your absence. Please refer to 311SQN Leave Standard Operating Procedures.

We are Recruiting!

We are running Recruit information sessions for our first 2018 Recruit Intake:
When: Thursday the 7th and 14th of February
Time: 730:pm
Where:Erina Army Depot, Central Coast highway, Erina

Welcome Back to 311SQN for 2019

Welcome back to 311 (City of Gosford) Squadron for 2019.

Squadron weekly parades will commence this Thursday, the 31st of January, Dress is DPU.
The first revision of the Squadron Organisational Chart is available on the Resource page.

Flight time is scheduled for first period, and will commence from the start of the night with 11 Flight will be located in the drill hall, with 16A flight in the HQ training rooms.

See you all Thursday!

We are Recruiting!

We are running Recruit information sessions for our first 2018 Recruit Intake:
When: Thursday the 1st and 8th of February
Time: 730:pm
Where:Erina Army Depot, Central Coast highway, Erina

Wearing your DPU Uniform

Hi Everyone

The Squadron was wearing Disruptive Pattern Uniform (DPU) last week and there were a couple of common issues.
I have attached the DPU wearers guide from the AAFC Manual of Dress, which can be found on cadetnet here:

If you have any questions about the information below, please contact your section commander.

  1. Badges and Patches:
    - DPU Air Force Cadets patch centrally above left breast pocket
    - Air Force Cadets Biscuit patch 2cm below shoulder seam on the left sleeve. Also to be worn in the same place on DPU jumpers.
    - DPU Name patch centrally above right breast pocket (Optional)
    - RAAF Ensign patch 10cm below the shoulder seam on the left sleeve. (Optional)
    < - 311 Squadron Patch 10cm below the shoulder seam on the right sleeve. (Optional)
  2. Blousing. This is done by tucking the pants up under an elastic/lackey/drawstring. The blousing should cover the top 2.5cm of the boots. The trousers are NEVER to be tucked into the boot.
  3. Ironing: DPU Shirt and trousers are to be neatly pressed with no creases present/

For more information, see the attached Wearers guide and guide to folding sleeves.
All this information is found in the AAFC manual of dress, which can be accessed via the OIP Portal on Cadetnet.


CIV James Brauer
311 Squadron XI

New Training Program + TR66 PCF

Parental Consent Form - Version 2016

Training Program Term 4 - Version 4.2

Update to Forum

This post concerns all cadets - Instructors should read in detail.

The forums have now been updated, having different walls for each course, as opposed to each stage. This was done as some courses undertake different stage subjects - requiring them to view two different forum walls. All instructors are to now upload lessons and resources to the Course walls rather than stage walls. Stages will remain in the forum to preserve any lessons and resources that have been uploaded in the past.

Forum Link:

Cadet, JNCO & SNCO Of The Term - Term 1 & 2 2016

The certificate system has been brought back, with awards going to the most outstanding Cadet (CDT/LCDT), JNCO (CCPL) & SNCO (CSGT/CFSGT) for each term. These certificates are awarded based upon performance throughout the term, contribution to the Squadron & attendance at activities, both on a Squadron & Wing level.

TERM 1 2016
Cadet of the Term: LCDT Tayla Starr
JNCO of the Term: CCPL (Now CSGT) Lucas Matthews
SNCO of the Term: CFSGT Monique Hull

TERM 2 2016
Cadet of the Term: LCDT (Now CCPL) Lyam Drummon
JNCO of the Term: CCPL (Now CSGT) Luke Clarkson

Quick Links & Priority News

Organisational Chart- Term 3
Training Program- Term 3
Parental Consent Form - Version 4.4
MoGT by Stage
September Uniform - SD Short Sleeve all month.

Squadron Emergency Managment Plan (EMP)

The following is the 2016 Version of the Squadron EMP - It is recommended all members, especially NCO's, review this document so they have a clear idea of the measurements in place in the event of an emergency.

The following can be found in the RESOURCES section of the left sidebar:
Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

Topics covered include but are not limited to:
- Aim
- Scope
- Emergency Control Point
- Evacuation assembly area
- Deputy Chief Warden responsibilities

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